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Dee is great - got an answer from her immediately. I like the map which is very helpful. The last time I was there was in 1982 so memory is a little (?) hazy. My Dad and family are buried there. As I remember it was a very pretty place. Thanks!
Pat Turner

I have been researching my maternal family history (Burry, Smith & Corfield) which has been rather elusive. It was not until I located my mother's sister who, at the age of 86, was not able to add any family history I had not already gathered myself but she did tell me where my grandparents (her parents) are interred. "Dee" responded to both my emails within a 24-hour period with photos and locations and I cannot be more grateful! Thank you!
Mark Williams

Contacted the cemetery via email as one of those pesky genealogists mining for nuggets of information. My query was immediately addressed by 'Dee' who answered my question and was able to then dig for more information for me for a nominal fee. She was very helpful and gracious the whole time and best of all helped plug more than one hole in our wall. Thanks Dee!

I had a great day with my children. Decorated the graves.
Charles Korb Sr.

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